Rajuddin Syamsuddin completed his Ph.D studies at the University of the Philippine, Los Banos, Philippines, followed by post-doctoral studies at the Environmental Protection Agency in Rhode Island, USA for 9 months, and spending some time at the University of Bremen and the University of Hokkaido. His most recent academic visit was to the Seaweed Laboratory, Sunshine Coast University, Australia, and he has a current research collaboration on seaweed with a university in France. In addition to writing scientific articles and book chapters and presenting his research at national and international events, he founded a campus journal and is active as a reviewer for national and international journals. As an academic he has taught and guided countless undergraduate and postgraduate students. Although his research has involved several types of algae, his main focus has been on the eucheumatoid seaweeds. His special interests include developing seaweed propagation methods, optimising seaweed culture to maximising seaweed quality and growth, and exploring the ecological aspects of seaweed farming.