Jamaluddin Jompa is a marine ecologist with considerable research experience in coral reef biology and ecology, marine biology, coral reef bio-prospecting and coastal management. He completed a Master Degree at McMaster University (Canada) and his doctoral research at James Cook University (Australia) concerned the role of seaweeds and herbivores on coral reefs. He has collaborated with many national and international researchers and organizations, resulting in many published articles and books. Currently Dean of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University and Chairman of Centre of Excellence for Marine Resilience and Sustainable Development (MaRSave CoE), Jamaluddin Jompa has served in many strategic positions within Hasanuddin University, at national and regional levels, including Chairman of Scientific Advisory Group for National Coordinating Committee of CTI (Coral Triangle Initiative), and Board Member of Coral Triangle Center (CTC). A founder member and the first President (2016-2018) of the Indonesian Young Academy of Science (ALMI), he is currently a Pew Fellow and member of the Indonesian Academy of Science. He is a strong supporter of interdisciplinary approaches in science and development, and believes that seaweeds can and should make a substantial contribution to achieving SDG goals in Indonesia and beyond.