Dr Majid Khan joined the School of Mathematical Sciences, USM, as a lecturer in May, 2017. He is also a researcher and appointed Fellow to conduct researches in seaweed tissue culture, nursery and commercial cultivation systems, solar drying systems, processing, modelling and simulation in Malaysia. His research uses application of latest developed technique, Internet of Things (Iot), big data and simulation methods to produce good propagule, improve model predictions of moisture losses during cultivation and drying in control and uncontrolled environment. He is also interested in modelling the problems in engineering and other biological systems such as tissue culture and aquamarine. To address these problems, he uses the techniques from statistical theory approach and existing application tools to develop mathematical model and finally to transform the model to industry application and to answer a range of inspired questions.

He is currently the lead Principal Investigator of an External Grant (RM 850,000.00) of “Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Farming Innovation Scale-up Project for Seaweed & Lobster Production in Langkawi. Malaysia.