Marcial ‘Jun’ Solante, Jr. is a person with many feathers on his cap. He is a graduate of two engineering degrees, namely BS Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, both as Magna Cum Laude at the University of the Philippines Visayas, Cebu and University of San Carlos, respectively.  He is a registered Licensed engineer to both degrees. Likewise, he is graduate of two Masteral degrees, MBA and MME at the Ateneo University Graduate School, Manila and Christian Institute of Management, in Cebu City, respectively.

At present, he is the CEO and Owner of PZALMS Seaweed and Marine Products, Cebu City, mainly on the trading and exporting of dried seaweeds and other marine products. He is also the proprietor and owner of 3APZ Logistics, Danao City, Cebu.

His experiences in seaweed hydrocolloids business dates back from his 23 years at Shemberg Corporation as Vice-President for Operations; Consultant and Retainer at Ingredients Solutions Inc, (ISI), USA; as Plant Operations Manager of Polysaccharides Corporation in Zamboanga City for 5 years; Plant Operations Consultant in Accel Carrageenan Corp., Cebu City; TBK Manufacturing Group, Tacloban City; PT Gumindo Pekasa Industri Merak, Indonesia; and PT Hydrocolloid, Bogor, Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is also an active academician at the Graduate School (MBA) at the University of Cebu, Cebu City; Secretary General of the Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines since 2017 to the present, and Vice-President for External Affairs in 2012-2017. Despite his busyness in the business world, Jun is a great and avid supporter of the seaweed farmers in Bantayan Is. Cebu, supporting 180 families together with the local government in the said island.