Philippe Potin is Senior Scientist at CNRS in France. He holds a PhD in Marine Biology with specialty in the biochemistry of degrading enzymes of seaweed cell wall polysaccharides and biological properties of added-value derived oligosaccharides. For over 15 years Philippe has led the team “Oligosaccharide signaling and defense mechanisms” at the well-known Station Biologique de Roscoff. He has over 110 peer reviewed articles and 6 patents including on the biological properties of algal oligosaccharides and novel enzymes from brown algae and marine bacteria. During the recent years, he was the scientific coordinator of IDEALG, a 10-year French integrative research project and of the EU H2020 SC2 Blue Growth Innovation Action GENIALG. Since January 1st of 2021, he is the scientific leader of the Safe Seaweed Coalition, a global alliance which aim is for its members to work together to establish a seaweed industry that provides safe products, safe working conditions and environmental protection as it grows.