Dr. Ahemad Sade, is the Director of Department of Fisheries Sabah, Malaysia. He obtained his Ph.D. in Food Biotechnology, from the University of Stratchclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom in 1998. He started his profession in 1989 with the Department of Fisheries, Sabah and has been involved in wide spectrum of fisheries industry; capture fisheries and aquaculture in marine and freshwater; resources management; fisheries development; fisheries policy; and Research & Development & Commercialisation in Malaysia and particularly in Sabah.  The Department of Fisheries Sabah has been tasked by the Malaysian government in developing the seaweed aquaculture industries in Malaysia. Dr Sade and team together with the local community and private sector has worked effortlessly in expanding the seaweed aquaculture. Besides, he and his teams have also actively engaged in the research and development of seaweed with the research institutes and universities to increase its production and diversified its application.