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Dr. Scott Lindell is a Research Specialist in marine farming at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Before dedicating the last 17 years to scientific research and development of shellfish and seaweed farming, he was a commercial fish farmer for 15 years. He has managed multiple projects to bridge the biological, engineering and political challenges of developing a thriving marine farming community. Dr. Lindell’s projects include development of methods for combining mussel and seaweed farming, establishing a breeding and genetic improvement program for sugar kelp, and establishing large-scale demonstration farms for kelp in Alaska and New England that may one day provide a significant resource for carbon-neutral biofuels. He has consulted for aquaculture developments in California, Mexico, Haiti, and Morocco. He is an avid swimmer and bicyclist, and leads Town committees devoted to improving bicycling and shellfish resources on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

Widyastuti Umar
Author: Widyastuti Umar