Here are 9 species of Eucheuma distributed in Hainan, Xisha islands and Taiwan in China, and Eucheuma striatum and Eucheuma gelatinae are mainly farmed in Hainan island early in the 1980’s. Eucheuma striatum was firstly introduced by Prof. Wu Chaoyuan from the Philippines in 1985, and successful cultivation was implemented, but no successful achievements were made since that case. This was probably mainly because of unfavorable cultivation conditions, carrageenan derived red seaweed as feeder by basket fish, and the rising labor cost, etc. China is now become the largest carrageenan exporter country on global market. There are still facing the challenge on strains selection and parameters optimization for ecological cultivation to those in Southeast countries. Moreover, high water retention carrageenan, highly acid resistant carrageenan, and dietary fiber developments and applications, especially to the capsule usage are highly required. It is deserve to enhance the governmental encouragements to promote cultivation in the Southeast countries, to conduct the new product development from carrageenan, certainly this will rely on the multiple disciplines integration for genetic, physiological and pathological studies of these carrageenophytic red seaweeds, and strengthen the regional and global cooperation in applied research and application.