Dr. Hauke L. Kite-Powell is a Research Specialist at the Marine Policy Center of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  He holds degrees in naval architecture (B.S), technology and policy (M.S.), and ocean systems management (M.S. and Ph.D.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Dr. Kite-Powell also holds appointments as a lecturer at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and as a senior analyst with Marsoft Inc. Dr. Kite-Powell’s research focuses on public and private sector management issues for marine resources and the economic activities that depend on them.  Current and recent research projects include work on: costs and benefits from improved ocean observing activities; approaches to economic valuation of marine resources; policy issues surrounding use of ocean “space” for non-traditional activities, such as aquaculture and wind power; economics and management of marine aquaculture operations; and economic dimensions of climate change effects on marine ecosystems, shoreline change, and the carbon cycle.

Widyastuti Umar
Author: Widyastuti Umar