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Update on eucheumatoid seaweed farming in the Philippines By Dr. Jun Solante and Dr. Anicia Hurtado


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Update on eucheumatoid seaweed farming in the Philippines By Dr. Jun Solante and Dr. Anicia Hurtado

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Thank you for a sobering overview of the present status of the Philippine seaweed industry. Of the analysis done and the road map for recovery at hand, if you were to choose one of those problems to tackle first, which problem would it be? Why do you choose this problem and what would be your first act to overcome this problem?

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Hello Jun

Thank you for your interesting presentation.

The Philippines lost its place as primary producer of eucheumatoid biomass, but can you see opportunities for adding greater value to the biomass that is grown there?

If so, what investments are required? Are some of the issues facing seaweed cultivation common to your neighbours regionally and what might be ways to collectively improve environmental and economic sustainability??


The seaweed sector is dominated by eucheumatoids do you see any changes to that practice? Could you see other seaweeds being grown and alternating production with Kappaphycus and Eucheuma?

The Philippines is in the path of some very destructive weather events each year which affect seaweed farming communities. Could you discuss - what the future holds, please?

Hello Jun

I know that scientists in the Philippines have succeeded in developing tissue-cultured seaweed seedlings. My question is how successful the use of tissue- cultured seedlings is in overcoming the problem of seed availability in your country.


For getting better seedling and can be useful for getting high production I suggest you to try to use seedling produce from grafting method. For your kind reference please find our paper attached.