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Eucheumatoid farming in Mozambique/Kenya - Dr. Salomao Bandeira


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Eucheumatoid farming in Mozambique/Kenya - Dr. Salomao Bandeira

Hi Dr. Bandeira,

Do you know the production of cottonii in Mozambique developed by the concession by SELT Mozambique?

What are the challenges faced during seaweed farming in Mozambique?

What are the species currently developped for the farming?

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Hello Salomao!

Thanks for your talk and interesting facts.

In terms of neighbours in the region do you see yourselves as competitors ..or might you be able to form some form of regional coalition? Is the future of eucheumatoids in gums ..or .....something else and if so what?  What is your vision for the future expansion and applications of biomass?

Hello Salomao,

I have suggestion for your seaweed industry in your country ; it is better to think about the possibility to develop some processing seaweed industries for stimulating income generation.

I am interested also to know more about power of woman. Could you explain why many women work in seaweed farming in your country ?


I wish to know also about the ice ice disease during seaweed farming period. If it exist please inform me when usually the disease takes place annually