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Eucheumatoid farming in Kenya - Mr. Alex Kimathi

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Hello Al;ex I was interested to see your presentation form this relatively new geography
I wish you all success with healthy biomass production and valorisation of the crop! bets wishes

Hallo Alex

I need some information regarding the ice ice disease in your country. When regularly the disease exist annually. Is they exist during the certain months ? How severe the disease make the production loss

In addition, why the farmers like to use deeper plantation in the water column? Thanks

For getting better seedling and can be useful for getting high production I suggest you to try to use seedling produce from grafting method. For your reference please find our paper attached.


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Thank you for the presentation. Often time I believe seaweeds require substrate to grow, hence, to cultivate them one must provide an attachment surface for them. How were you able to do that?

I have so much interest in this topic because in Nigeria, the aspect of growing seaweeds have not been explored. I look forward to leaning more on the platform. Once again many thanks for the presentation.

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Hi Alex,

What type of dehydration technology do you recommend for farming commercialization? Thank you in advance


Alex Askew 


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