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A review of the use of spores for the supply of high quality Kappaphycus alvarezii seedlings - Dr. Rajuddin Syamsuddin


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A review of the use of spores for the supply of high quality Kappaphycus alvarezii seedlings

Dear Dr. Syamsuddin,

Where did you get the fertile parental for the experiment? Was it from the wild or from the cultivated?

Thank you.

Dear Dr Syamsuddin,

Very interesting presentation and hope the outcomes of your study help to generate improved germplasm for commercial cultivation in the near future. What are the factors that induce sporulation. What is the rational for selecting different colours of light in this study? What is the best culture medium for growing the spores?

CRK Reddy

Dear Dr Rajuddin

Thanks for the interesting presentation

-What is optimum temperature for Kappaphycus to produce viable spore and how to scale up the spore production for commercial practice

-How does spore grown plants differ in the growth rate and carrageenan yield from wild plants

Thank you



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Dear Dr. Rajuddin, - Thanks for your presentation outlining how Kappaphycus seedlings can be produced from spores, and this seems to have a lot of potential for seaweed farmers across Indonesia. Please keep up the good work.

Some questions from my side:

  • How do you induce the Cystocarps in natural thalli in your lab? Or do you collect thallus bearing natural cystocarps from the wild?
  • The square pvc pipe rafts with submerged bottles are very interesting! In the results you mention both tetrasporophytes and carposporophytes emerging from these experiments. Can you develop seedlings from both kinds of spores? And do you see any variation between their characteristics?
  • Have you ever considered hybridization of different strains of seaweeds using spores, to develop better strains?

- Nelson

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Dear Dr. Rjuddin.

Thanks for your description on how Kappaphycus seedlings can be produced from spores.

My question is have you compiled a standard operational procedure for seaweed farmers in applying nurseries using your spores method


Dear Dr. Rajuddin,

Thank you very much for your presentation. I am wondering if you made some molecular studies to confirm if you are working with K. alvarezii or K. striatus.


Thank you Dr. Syamsudin. Nice presentation.

How do you mass multiply the spore derived seedlings?


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